Monday, September 14, 2015


Alexi Steinmaus
period 3

  Today I can blog about anything. I am going to blog about color, the first color I am going to blog about is red. Red is a primary color meaning that you can't mix any colors to make it. It is at the top of the spectrum so in the dark it is the color that disappears first. That is why octopi are red because deep in the ocean nothing can see them.

  The next color I am going to blog about is orange. Orange is a mix of red and yellow. It can look more to red than to yellow. Orange resonates warmth and happiness, it combines the energy of red with the cheerfulness of yellow. Orange is optimistic and uplifting, it also offers emotional strength in difficult times.

The last color I am blogging about is yellow. yellow is also a primary color used to make green, orange and other colors. Yellow can also be very uplifting and can resonare cheerfulness and hope. It also inspires original thought and inquisitiveness. It is the lightest hue of the spectrum, overall a very bright and happy color.


Thursday, September 3, 2015

independent reading novel

Exposition of Despereaux  
                                                                  by Kate Dicamillo

   I chose my independent reading novel because I have read this book before and I really liked it. I liked it because It has a very interesting plot, and characters that I and other people can relate to. The plot is full of unexpected turns of events. My book is about a mouse named despereaux, a rat named Claroscuro, and a girl named Pinky. The story takes place in a castle. despereaux is born above in the castle in the light with big ears and with his eyes open. Claroscuro is born below the castle in the dark in the dungeon with a fascination for light. Pinky was born farther away from the castle but later ends up there. Her mother died and her father sold her for a red trap a chicken and a handful of cigarettes. It starts with their stories very separate but ends with them very entwined. 

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


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 Stop the Smoke, no Butts!
 You walk past someone who is smoking, you inhale the air that they puff out of their cigarette, you cough. Maybe the next time you walk past someone you hold your breath to avoid breathing in the harsh fumes. When you walk along the beach cigarettes are carelessly scattered amongst the sand.  A seagull flies off with a toxic cigarette clutched in its beak. Ads on television show people who are in the hospital because of a disease due to smoking, tubes are attached to their mouths to feed them air. You can see the negative side affects of smoking in many places, thus it should be stopped. Smoking should be illegal because it is harmful to the environment,harmful to the people around the smoker, and harmful to the smoker.

Smoking should be illegal because it is harmful to the smoker
healthy lungs vs. smoker lungs
 "The Lungs and Respiratory System."

  First of all smoking is bad for the health of the smoker.We all know that smoking can cause physical changes to the smoker for example rotten teeth that are falling out, or greyish skin. According to “Smoking and the Environment” smoking can also cause psoriasis (dry skin) and 25 percent of psoriasis cases are smoking related. Long term smoking can also cause blindness and cataracts, as well as other physical changes in the smoker. Smoking can also cause mental changes in the smoker. According to The National Institute on Drug Abuse, smoking can also lead to mental illness, post traumatic stress, bipolar disease, major depression, and more. Schizophrenia in smokers can be as high as 90 percent! Even though it is harmful to their body, people continue to smoke because it is hard to quit.

  Also stated by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, nicotine is the chemical in cigarettes that is addictive. It is also very toxic; it can cause vomiting,tremors, convulsions, and death. One drop of pure nicotine can kill a person! According to “Smoking” there are 1.3 billion smokers worldwide with 35 million of those smokers wanting to quit. The 6 percent that try are unsuccessful after one month.  25 million current smokers will most likely die of some smoke related illness.

 Smoking can cause many diseases and cancers in the smoker. It can increase their risk of heart disease, stroke, heart attack, and vascular disease; according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. More people die of smoking than of alcohol,cocaine,heroin,homicide,suicide, car accidents,fire, and AIDs combined. According to “ Smoking is a Serious Health Hazard”, smoking can also cause lung cancer, cancers of larynx,oral cavity,and pharynx. Smoking is responsible for at least one third of all cancer deaths in the United States. It is the largest single cause of cancer. The smoke is toxic, there are more than 4,000 chemicals in one puff of smoke. The smoke contains tar,carbon monoxide, ammonia formaldehyde, benzene, and nicotine which can all cause irreversible lung damage and chronic bronchitis. 26 percent and 48 million americans smoke and there are 430,000 deaths each year. Lung and other cancers account for 150,000 of these deaths. But smoking isn't only dangerous to the smoker, it is also dangerous to the people around the smoker…

Smoking is bad for the people around the smoker
People that are exposed to secondhand smoke.
Exposure to Secondhand Smoke at Home

  Secondly smoking is bad for the people around the smoker. Smokers sometimes think that they are only harming themselves when they are smoking they don’t realize the dangers of secondhand smoke. People that do not smoke but are exposed to secondhand smoke can consume multiple times more smoke than normal consumption. According to “secondhand smoke consumption”,  nonsmokers that are exposed to smoke can become addicted to the smoke! In states that have gone 100 percent smoke free, disease has dropped by 60 Percent in smokers and nonsmokers.  According to  the National Institute on Drug Abuse, secondhand smoke can cause 3,000 lung cancer deaths per year and 35,000 deaths caused by cardiovascular disease. Exposure to secondhand smoke can cause people with asthma have worse symptoms. Secondhand smoke can also be associated with sudden infant death syndrome.

 Secondhand smoke has caused 603,000 deaths, 165,000 of those deaths being  children younger than 5. Prevention of smoking in public areas can prevent deaths, and decline in the number of deaths,according to Perugo Armando.There are 400 chemicals in tobacco smoke, 250 are harmful and 50 are cancer causing. Smoke is an indoor air contaminant and everyone in the enclosed area is exposed. Exposure can cause death, disease, and disability; in 2004 600,000 children died due to exposure to secondhand smoke. According to the World Health Organization.

 An argument could be that “smoking is a personal choice and I should be able to do whatever I want to myself”. It is true that smoking is a personal choice but it does not only affect the smoker. As I have already stated it affects all the people around you, it puts them at risk. It also puts the smoker at risk for many diseases and cancers as well as the bystanders. So yes it is a personal choice to put smoke in your lungs, but it is not the choice of the people around you to have smoke put in their’s. Something else that is bad about smoking is the butts...

Smoking is bad for the environment
  Finally, Smoking is bad for the environment in so many ways as well as for the smoker and the people around the smoker. According to the Department of Public Health, in 2005 l35 million pounds of cigarette butts were dumped in the U.S environment. Cigarette butts contain toxic chemicals for aquatic ecosystems and highly toxic to freshwater micro organisms. According to  “Cigarette Butts are Toxic Waste” One million cigarettes were removed from beaches. Each year 1.69 billion pounds of cigarette butts end up in waste worldwide. Cigarette butts are 34 percent of California’s total waste. Cigarette butts can cause wildfires, destruction of wildfires can cause destruction of vegetation, and property. Another aspect to the destruction that cigarettes have on the environment, is the trees that are used to make cigarettes. One tree is used for every 300 cigarettes. It doesn't seem like very many trees, but it can add up, especially when considering how many cigarettes one person will smoke in one day.  According to “Smoking and the Environment” 600 million trees are cut down each year to make the 5 trillion cigarettes made annually around the world.

 The plastic that cigarettes are made out of can take up to 12 years to decompose. There are 4.5 trillion cigarettes dropped each year around the world. California spends 41 millions dollars for clean  these up annually. According to “Cigarette butts are toxic waste”. The chemicals that are used to grow tobacco are toxic. 80 percent of cigarette smoke is invisible. In that smoke that you can’t see there are tiny harmful particles but they are contained in the cigarette filter. When the cigarette is thrown down, the filter can pollute rivers, seas,streams, and water sources. One cigarette butt can pollute 500 liters of water. The cigarettes can also be consumed by animals and kill them. According to “smoking and the environment.”  
Waste of cigarette butts in California
"Cigarette Butts Are Toxic Waste 1."

 Based on the evidence that I have stated in the essay, smoking should be illegal because it is harmful to the environment, harmful to the people around the smoker, and harmful to the smoker. So if you are a smoker, next time you feel like smoking in a public place, smoke somewhere else away from people. Next time you feel like throwing your cigarette on the ground, find an ashtray. Even better, try to quit smoking! Remember if you do it will benefit everyone especially yourself.  

Thursday, May 7, 2015

live simply, live happily

Live simply, live happily
Alexi Steinmaus
Period 3

What was your relationship with your siblings when you were growing up?
  Answer: I was the youngest of 8 siblings.  The other 7 were pretty close in age but I was 5 years apart from the next youngest sibling.  I was close to them but they sometimes treated me like a baby because of the big age difference. When I got older we were very close, my older brothers sometimes teased me but I had a very loving family.
So was it a positive relationship?
   Answer: Yes but when I was younger we weren't as close because of the tremendous age difference. When I was in elementary school some of my siblings were graduating college!
How was it different for you growing up than it is for us today?
  Answer: we didn't have T.V, computers, or cell phones.  I lived on a farm, and I wasn't into organized sports like soccer. I liked to use my imagination and make up my own games. Of course I had none of the technology that you have now. "We made our fun in different ways"
Would you choose to have the technology or live the childhood that you lived?
  Answer: I would not choose the technology because I liked living more simply, “since I never had the technology I gained something not having the technology." I can remember being outside until it was dark, "no sitting around playing games we would always be outside." we would always be busy outside we would make up games like ball games, always active no sitting around. Then we would come in and read books. The farm was good because there was no harm screaming or yelling, and it was very safe.
Have you done any traveling around the world?
  Answer: We traveled a lot, we did car trips. We went to Canada, different places around the United States. We flew to Mexico and traveled around Mexico, England, Ireland, Scotland, France, China, Russia and other places.  I have been to everywhere in Europe that I wanted to go. I haven't been to the Middle East and I haven't been to Africa.
Is there anywhere that you want to travel that you haven't traveled to?
  Answer:   No there is nowhere that I haven't traveled that I want to go. I also don't want to go back to a place that I have already been.
Why would you not want to go back to those places?
  Answer: I just don't think it would be as enjoyable. I have so many wonderful memories." If I don't get to travel anywhere else I will still be a happy person."
What are some things you like to do and how did you start doing them?
  Answer: anything to do with outdoors, gardening, walking, probably because I grew up on a farm. I like reading, I did like traveling, anything that has to do with my family, movies with friends.
Is there any hobby that you want to develop but haven't developed yet?
Answer: I might learn how to sew and learn how to do embroidery. I might learn how to paint, I want to make pretty things, and I want to try new things as they come up.
What is a memory growing up that has inspired you since today?
  Answer: I had older brothers and sisters, my brother John and his wife Marty lived a life that I had never lived. They had a nice house in a nice city and Marty was very pretty. I would look up them and think that I would work to have that life. To be like them my Mom said that I would have to work hard. They were also very well educated.
Do you think you lived that life?
  Answer: Yes my husband and I were well educated, and we worked very hard. We always had nice homes, “we had a nice life." My brother and sister in law inspired me, they were as happy. I think that everyone in my family turned happy. My Mom would tell me: “If that's what I wanted I would have to work for it wouldn't just come to me."

   She has silver blonde hair that is short and wavy. She is about five feet six in height. She has soft wrinkles on her face that make her look more kind. She also has a caring smile and always wears earrings dangling from her ears. She also has a nice ringing voice that is enthusiastic, patient, and understanding.

   I did my interview over the phone so it is harder to describe in more detail. I was in my house in California. She was in her house in Nevada. I sat on my front porch with 2 pens and one pencil. I am not sure where she was exactly but I do know that she was somewhere in her house. She is my Grandma her name is Barbara Steinmaus she is 75 years old.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

WE determine the future

K.B.A.R response for 4/16/15 The Death cure
  If I were to compare this book to a book with similar themes it would be the Divergent series, the Hunger Games, series and the Giver. All of these books seem to have a slightly futurist feel.Some of the books start as a utopia but when you dig deeper you realize that it is actually a dystopia. Some of these books, there is some disaster and a group is supossedly trying to save the human race. Another of the series is groups that are divided because they think it is better that way.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

swipe the swipe

K.B.A.R response for 4/15/15 The death Cure 
  When Thomas had the choice to have the mental swipe removed, he chose to not have it removed. His main reason was because he didn't want WICKED to put false memories in his head. If I was in his position, I think I would have wanted the swipe removed. The main reason why I would want the swipe removed is because I would not want to be completely in the dark about my past. A reason why I would not want to have the swipe removed is because I would not want wicked to mess with my brain anymore. I think that WICKED is untrustworthy and has lied to the Gladers very often. Some of the things WICKED has told them have been true, but it is hard to tell if WICKED is lying to them or not.